Island Aikido is a program of instruction and training offered through Japan Karate Institute Daniel Island and is an affiliated dojo of the Aikido Association of America. According to Island Aikido Chief Instructor and Sensei Max Sherman, “The association with the AAA  provides our students with certification for black belts directly from Aikido World Headquarters in Japan, as well as a teaching curriculum developed by the late AAA founder Fumio Toyoda, Shihan (teacher of teachers) that is designed to deliver quality instruction at all levels.”

Our mission at Island Aikido is to foster the overall healthy development of students through training in Aikido and to pass along the tradition of our art.

We invite you to visit the dojo to observe any of our classes, or join us on the mat to stretch. For new students, the first class is free.

Aikido students from any dojo are welcome to join class as a guest, and no mat fee is required.